Settlers of Aloria

Cabin in the woods
  • The party spends a few days getting things sorted out.
  • They are told by “CITY PLANNING LADY” that they need lumber but people are too terrified to venture into the local woods.
  • Group heads that way and finds some creepy shit, eventually stumbling on a small cabin with a man, woman and boy in it.
  • The group goes in and can tell something is wrong. Eventually, they discover that the group are actually ?SKINNWALKERS? that have taken over the family.
  • Everyone is challenged to games of skill to free the family. We failed at riddles, won at the Aztec game and then eventually triumphed after a hard-fought mine cart race.
  • The walkers were true to the word and released the family. The party then took them back home and made sure they were fine.
  • The next weeks found the group building their small town to a small city.
Wavecrest, the adventure
  • Party arrives and Wavecrest and travels to the “INN NAME” to meet the “BARKEEP.” There, they learn of several interesting plot point, including an alleged outbreak of lycanthrophy.
  • Out on the town, much shopping is done. Whiskey buys a few new toys and everyone stocks up on supplies. They also meet “CREEPY PRIEST” who sheds a little more light on the city and its problems, including a local thieve’s guild and also divulges the the guard currently has two other individuals in lock up who turned into wererats (whom he had cured).
  • During the course of shopping, the group encounters “DICK SHOPKEEPER” whom they find very fishy. Eventually, they bump into Furkas who claims “DICK SHOPKEEPER” stole his holy symbol.
  • They return to “DICK SHOPKEEPER” to confront him. Eventually during the exchange, a mysterious figure appears and kills “DICK SHOPKEEPER” before casually walking out of the door. They also find information on the location of a thieve’s guild.
  • With Furkas’ holy symbol now in their possession, they return to the cleric who promises them a favor.
  • The party searches out the entrance to the guild and finds a long tunnel with numerous cages of rats in storage and in small boats. They proceed along the path, destroying the rats and killing the thugs that get in their way, eventually coming to the thieve’s lair.
  • Inside they find the dragonborn leader of the guild “DRAGONBORN LEADER” who explains his elaborate plan of releasing lycanthropy-ridden rats into the city to cause mass panic while they attempt to make the heist of their lives.
  • The group defeats “DRAGONBORN LEADER” and his crew, kills the remainder of the infected rats and finds James bound in a backroom, freeing him.
  • After their victory, the group makes one more pass around the city’s shops, retrieves Skweltch and hops on the ship home. On the boat, they send a message to the town guard explaining the situation and offering evidence and locations.
  • Upon returning home, the group received notification that the prisoners were freed and received a monetary reward for their service.
Home is where you take it
  • The party found themselves in Longsaddle, a small town well outside the city of Wavecrest on a mission request from The Guild.
  • While in the local bar, Squelch the goblin stumbles in and says he was the one that sent the mission request.
  • The party travels out of town with Squelch when the find a dead man surrounded by baddies.
  • As night begins to fall, the group finds a naked man pinned under a tree. He introduces himself as James Copperstaff. The party feeds and cloths him, but in the middle of the night, James transforms into a wererat. The party tries to subdue him, but he eventually scampers off into the woods.
  • After a night’s rest, the group makes it to a dilapidated tower. They are immediately confronted by an assassin who tells Whiskey that the Old Man is still trying to kill him.
  • The group proceeds though the tower, eventually finding a chess piece containing the soul of Hugo Harpspell. Hugo asks that the group sets his soul free and clears his tower. In exchange, he will grant the tower to the group.
  • After several more fights, the party is confronted by a succubus and her tiger. During an exchange, the young red dragon Tatiana lands back at the tower. The goblins hadn’t killed her after all. She breaks though the upper level and descends on the current room, ending the succubus with a blast of fire.
  • The party engages Tatiana and eventually forces her to flee. Hugo’s soul returns to grant the key word for the tower and much loot is gained.
The Adventure Begins

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